3 papers are accepted to ICCV 2023

  • Kyungmin Jo, Wonjoon Jin, Jaegul Choo, Hyunjoon Lee, Sunghyun Cho, “3D-Aware Generative Model for Improved Side-View Image Synthesis”, ICCV 2023
  • Dongwoo Lee, Jeongtaek Oh, Jaesung Rim, Sunghyun Cho, Kyoung Mu Lee, “ExBluRF: Efficient Radiance Fields for Extreme Motion Blurred Images”, ICCV 2023
  • Yu Qiao, Bo Dong, Ao Jin, Yu Fu, Seung-Hwan Baek, Felix Heide, Pieter Peers, Xiopeng Wei, Xin Yang, “Multi-view Spectral Polarization Propagation for Video Glass Segmentation”, ICCV 2023

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