Video Deblurring for Hand-held Cameras Using Patch-based Synthesis

Sunghyun Cho1,2      Jue Wang2     Seungyong Lee2
1Adobe Systems      2POSTECH

ACM Transactions on Graphics (SIGGRAPH 2012), vol. 31, no. 4, article 64, 2012


Videos captured by hand-held cameras often contain significant camera shake, causing many frames to be blurry. Restoring shaky videos not only requires smoothing the camera motion and stabilizing the content, but also demands removing blur from video frames. However, video blur is hard to remove using existing single or multiple image deblurring techniques, as the blur kernel is both spatially and temporally varying. This paper presents a video deblurring method that can effectively restore sharp frames from blurry ones caused by camera shake. Our method is built upon the observation that due to the nature of camera shake, not all video frames are equally blurry. The same object may appear sharp on some frames while blurry on others. Our method detects sharp regions in the video, and uses them to restore blurry regions of the same content in nearby frames. Our method also ensures that the deblurred frames are both spatially and temporally coherent using patch-based synthesis. Experimental results show that our method can effectively remove complex video blur under the presence of moving objects and other outliers, which cannot be achieved using previous deconvolution-based approaches.

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