Reconstruction-based Pairwise Depth Dataset
for Depth Image Enhancement Using CNN

Junho Jeon

Seungyong Lee

European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV 2018), September 2018.


Raw depth images captured by consumer depth cameras suffer from noisy and missing values. Despite the success of CNN-based image processing on color image restoration, similar approaches for depth enhancement have not been much addressed yet because of the lack of raw-clean pairwise dataset. In this paper, we propose a pairwise depth image dataset generation method using dense 3D surface reconstruction with a filtering method to remove low quality pairs. We also present a multi-scale Laplacian pyramid based neural network and structure preserving loss functions to progressively reduce the noise and holes from coarse to fine scales. Experimental results show that our network trained with our pairwise dataset can enhance the input depth images to become comparable with 3D reconstructions obtained from depth streams, and can accelerate the convergence of dense 3D reconstruction results.

Paper (arXiv)
Source code (github)


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