Real-Time Pencil Rendering

Hyunjun Lee     Sungtae Kwon     Seungyong Lee


This paper presents a real-time technique for rendering 3D meshes in the pencil drawing style. We analyze the characteristics of pencil drawing and incorporate them into the rendering process, which is fully implemented on a GPU. For object contours, we propose a multiple contour drawing technique that imitates trial-and-errors of human in contour drawing. For interior shading, we present a simple approach for mapping oriented textures onto an object surface. To improve the quality of pencil rendering, we generate and map pencil textures by reflecting the properties of graphite pencils and papers. We show several rendering examples that demonstrate the high performance of the proposed technique in terms of speed and quality.


NPAR 2006


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hydrant lamp grenade drill


Postech Computer Graphics Laboratory
Seungyong Lee
Hyunjun Lee