The research goal of POSTECH Computer Graphics Lab is to investigate on principles, algorithms, and applications of various subjects in graphics and related areas. The current research topics include image and video processing, non-photorealistic rendering, surface reconstruction, and mesh processing. In image and video processing, we work on motion deblurring, image upsampling, video retargeting, and texture filtering, to provide tools for processing photographs for more desirable results. Non-photorealistic rendering targets to create expressive, artistic, and interpretative images of objects rather than photo-realistic images. In surface reconstruction, we focus on statistical techniques that can handle noise and outliers of 3D scanned point sets. In mesh processing, we develop techniques to effectively handle large and animation polygonal meshes. We are also interested in industrial applications of our expertise, such as web/mobile applications and Photoshop plug-ins for motion deblurring and image stylization.


Image & Video Processing

Motion deblurring of digital photographs

Image and video unsampling

Video retargeting and reshooting

Non-Photorealistic Rendering

Line drawing / Hedcut illustration of images

Stylized global illumination

3D Surface Reconstruction

Variational Bayesian surface fitting

Noise estimation of 3D scanned point sets

3D Mesh Processing

Animation mesh processing

Mesh compression

Graphics Applications

Web/Mobile graphics applications

Photoshop plug-ins

Recent News

  • A paper is accepted to CGF 20162016-4-6
  • A paper is accepted to CGI 20162016-3-28
  • Hyeongseok Son received best paper award in IPIU 20152015-2-6
  • 컴퓨터공학과 이승용 교수, 한국정보과학회 2014년도 가헌학술상 수상!2014-12-19
  • Hojin Cho, Seon Joo Kim, Seungyong Lee received Best Paper Award in Pacific Graphics 20142014-10-10
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Contact Information

  • Computer Graphics Lab., Room 107-1, Science Bldg. IV, POSTECH, 77 Cheongam-Ro. Nam-Gu. Pohang. Gyeongbuk. Korea (37673)

  • TEL
  • +82-54-279-5652, 5676

  • FAX
  • +82-54-279-2299

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  • ca00229 [at]