POSTECH CSE Awards 2021: Prof. Sunghyun Cho

POSTECH Computer Science and Engineering department awarded Prof. Sunghyun Cho with CSE Awards 2021. CSE Awards are given to POSTECH CSE professors who have shown excellence in various areas. Prof. …

KSC 2021 Paper Award

Our paper “동적 필터 네트워크를 이용한 단일 영상 디포커스 디블러링” by Junyong Lee, Hyeongseok Son, Sunghyun Cho, and Seungyong Lee was awarded “우수발표논문상” (Excellence award) in KSC 2021!

IPIU 2021 Paper Award

Our paper “학습가능한 옵티마이저를 이용한 고속 StyleGAN 인버전” by Kyoungkook Kang, Seongtae Kim, and Sunghyun Cho was awarded “은상” (Silver award) in IPIU 2021!